Getting used to your season

In the beginning ....

When you left your Personal Color Analysis, you probably felt both inspired and a little bit overwhelmed. I know I had no clothing, jewelry or make-up that was in harmony with my seasonal undertone. I was wearing the new make-up, and kept looking in the rear-view mirror to confirm that I liked what I saw! It was very different from the way I was used to seeing my face. I stopped at Marshall's on the way home and loaded up the cart with options that seemed to match my fan and headed for the dressing room. Behold! It all looked pretty good! 

My confidence grew daily, and so will yours. Most clients begin receiving complements within the first few days of aligning lipstick, blush and a new top (for example). Not everything that you choose will be perfect - perfect is hard to find - but everyday it will become easier to put together you new coordinated look.

Getting used to being a Bright Winter or "unlocking your sparkle!"

Vinnie is a newly-minted Bright Winter. Her "before" clothing tended to be autumn- influenced, so the brightness of Bright Winter lipsticks and clothing took some adjustment.  Here, she wears Chunky Cherry by Clinique and Mary Kay Strawberry Cream blush. Both match her brightness level; she prefers no other make-up. Fortunately, as the athletic director of a local high school, her school colors are red and white!


On the right, she wears a combination that she put together from some clothing that she already owned, and is wearing blush and lipstick that is more intense (not too bright for her, but neither the peach, nor aqua match the brightness of her fan.) However, she is reading the clarity of the colors correctly; they are a good choice as "keepers" in the clothing that she already owns.


Her hair color needs no adjustment. Vinnie does not color her hair, and it's sparkly lemon highlights add brightness to her look.

In this third photo, she wears the same lipstick and blush as in the photo above, but is wearing two Bright Winter colors from the luxury drape set. The lipstick, which appeared abnormally bright above, looks part of the entire ensemble of hair, eyes, skin, make-up and clothing colors.


On the left is my mother, who has dressed as a Summer or Soft Autumn her whole life - choosing summer blues to match her eyes.

She also typically wears no make-up; the bright red lipstick that everyone wore when she was young just looked silly with her muted clothing. You can see that she has beautiful blue eyes, but her hair looks dull and her skin shows lots of brown splotchiness. Her teeth look yellow.


As we did her PCA, we were both amazed to unlock her Bright Winter undertone! She is wearing Precious Posy blush and Ginger Flower lipstick, both by Clinique (also eyeliner and brow pencil). Notice how sparkly her hair looks and how the brown tones in her skin and teeth have evened out. As her clothing has become brighter, she has become comfortable with a quick application of lipstick and blush. It is still hard for her to get used to "you look so beautiful!" It had been 50 years since she had received that type of complement!


Here, a Bright Winter grandmother and grand-daughter, dressed in quieter versions of their colors. Because they are brights, their lipstick, though actually very bright, just looks normal.

Here, Moira is wearing a navy and white in her Bright Winter palette. Sometimes the colors from your fan, when taken all together, including the lipstick colors represented by the reds, pinks, oranges and purples can seem over-the-top! So Brights, take heart, you can be selective; use only the colors from your fan, but pick the more subdued, contrasting color combinations. Add some sparkle, a little lipstick and blush, and you will look like a Bright.


Kate, right, came to her analysis in this shirt, but in general she has always favored the Autumn palettes. She used to wear brighter shades of red lipstick when younger, but lately hasn't bothered with it; it didn't seem right with the clothing she wore anyway. Her hair, teeth, eyes and skin look "cloudy".



Kate brought a purple shirt, which did not match the Bright Winter fan in intensity, but which was in harmony with the coolness of her undertone. We decided it was a keeper,  because it was relatively cool and bright, compared to other options in her "before" clothing pile. She has added a bright lime green T-shirt to her collection. Kate noted that, when wearing this shirt and her Ginger Flower lipstick, she received a "You look nice, today!" from a man she has interacted with for over 20 years .......



Small wonder, as evident from the picture of her, left; her PCA revealed her Bright Winter undertone! The only make-up added to the "after" photo is blush and lipstick.