Lit from within

A 12-Tone Personal Color Analysis trains you to seek those colors in clothing and make-up that align with your inborn skin-tone, creating a visible transformation in your appearance. Get used to daily feedback... What have you done? You look wonderful!
Each of us has a unique beauty.  Our inborn coloring is fascinating—the combination of skin- tone, hair, and eye color is a perfect blend. Far too often, we have been swayed to believe that adding blonde highlights, nude lipstick and bronzer will enhance our appearance, when, in fact, those additions may actually set up a clash between the underlying colors in our skin and all the add-ons in clothing, make-up, and hair color that are mismatched. You have seen this jarring effect yourself when assessing the visual impact of others or even when you have passed by a store window and caught an unappealing vision of yourself.

Personal Color Analysis

Courtenay St. John was trained in the 12 Blueprints Method of Personal Color Analysis by Christine Scaman at A Personal Color Analysis (PCA) discovers your skin's undertone so that:

  • You can synchronize your clothing and make-up to showcase your true brilliance.
  • You will be able to easily discard clothing that fragments your appearance and takes attention away from the underlying harmony of your inherent natural coloring.
  • You align your outer appearance—make-up, hair color, and clothing to your seasonal tone.
  • You will create a memorable, enlivened and very personal beauty that is not based on fads, but that will endure. Your new, coherent look will be fascinating!

"Did you lose weight?"
"No, I've been at this weight for twenty years!"
"Well, whatever you are doing it's working. You look fantastic!"
This is a constant mantra at our school since Courtenay first began offering color analysis for anyone interested in learning which shades of which colors worked best with their particular skin and hair. Younger, trimmer, more beautiful versions of our former faculty seemed parachuted in from nowhere! When I finally took the plunge, I never looked back. For three years now people have been commenting on how good I look; all that has changed are the colors I wear. Courtenay works her magic in a logical, scientific manner and the results are transformative.  T.A, Williamstown, MA.

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